Monday, October 5, 2009

Estonian Air vs airBaltic on TLL – VNO

Tallinn to Vilnius route is the longest Baltic domestic route (530 km) and accounts for 7% scheduled seat capacity and for 10% departures on intra-Baltic aviation network. This route has suffered much from flyLAL bankruptcy (lost 2 daily departures) and from airBaltic Vilnius reductions (lost 2 more daily departures). Currently TLL-VNO is the only route where Estonian Air and airBaltic compete directly. As airBaltic has withdrawn morning an afternoon flights just six-weekly evening flights are left operated in an interesting pattern. Planes makes a triangle route RIX – TLL – VNO – RIX or vice versa departing 19:20 from booth Vilnius and Tallinn. Estonian Air is frequency leader on TLL – VNO but airBaltic offers more seats.

Estonian Air offers 2nd daily flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays while airBaltic fares are lower on all days in October and November. BT’s fares typically start at €67 while OV’s at €78.

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