Monday, December 28, 2009

A way passengers could handle the luggage by themselves

Lately I came to a conclusion that Ryanair’s idea about passengers handling their own luggage is a genius not an insane idea. Look how I imagine it:
1. Passenger comes to an airport with piece of luggage and goes straight to the security check.
2. Before hand luggage scan and X-rays he puts his “checked-in” luggage on a special conveyor with goes to luggage scans.
3. Right after personal security check passenger goes to a baggage carousel where he gets his scanned and sealed (for instance wrapped in plastic) piece of luggage.
4. Passenger goes straight to the aircraft and gives his luggage to the baggage handler who checks weather the seal is undamaged and nothing has been taken out.
5. After landing passenger gets his piece of luggage right next to the airplane and goes to the city or next flight.
So we could forget about 1) missing luggage; 2) waiting for luggage delivery; 3) most of baggage handlers and handing systems; 5) check-in and check-in counters as ticket and ID checks can be done onboard; 6) gate agents as no bags could travel without owner; 7) all or most luggage restrictions.
Unlike Ryanair’s initial proposal - the luggage is sealed with allows to carry liquids and sharp items. On the other hand – the airports must be fully re-designed – so this system couldn’t be introduced quickly and without investments.

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